Wedding Venue Uplighting RGB
Standard Uplighter
ng Venue Uplighting RGBW
Deluxe Uplighter


  • 54W high power
  • No remote control
  • Almost zero heat
  • Vivid colours
  • Fan cooled
  • Each light set to any colour
  • Dimmable
  • Static & sound active modes


  • 5 x Super bright quad LEDs
  • Remote control
  • Almost zero heat
  • Vivid colours
  • Silent operation
  • Each light set to any colour
  • Dimmable
  • Static & sound active modes

Venue Uplighters

What are LED Venue Uplighters?

Venue Uplighters are used to wash an entire wall, ceiling or floor with colour, and until recently uplighters had a lamp and were restricted to one colour at a time. L.E.D up-lighters contain a large range of popular combinations which can be changed without the need for filters or bulb changes.

They are the latest technology in wash lighting and can be used for a variety of applications such as venue dressing, in houses, marquees and halls, special effects in photography and film, architectural installation or even temporary lighting for workman.

Uplighters are great for your wedding venue

Weddings and receptions are the most popular venues to use L.E.D Uplighters, making he venue come alive with colour from strategically positioned lighting around the venue. Whether it be a hall, a country estate, a marquee, or a function room, any venue can look fantastic for your big day.

They can be used during the whole event, using bright colours during a ceremony and the meal, and then switching modes to create chasing and dancing effects to the music during the evening celebrations.

We can set up well in advance of the wedding, positioning the lights to flood as much space as possible or highlighting specific areas, before collecting that evening or the following day.

Most venues generally only require 10-15 lights to create the desired effect, and we have great options available to you depending on your budget and circumstances. Call 07729 224 597 or Contact Us Now us now to hire LED uplighters for your wedding.

Uplighters are regularly hired at corporate events, and are a very useful option to create the right environment for your colleagues and clients.

Intelligent mood lighting can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for business events and presentations, or during staff functions and office parties.

Uplighters are fast becoming an affordable and effective solution to covert your home to the ultimate party venue. Just hiring 6-8 lights you can change the colour of your room or marquee for your party, given your home a completely new and professional look for any special occasion you have planned.

The sound to light mode is amazingly effective, flickering between colours to the rhythm of the music and changing your house party in to the best club in town.

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